Ancient 4 Play History

The Story Of A Bad Band

Here's Sandy's account of how 4 Play formed and how they became the shit heads they are today.

4 Play 2001
In like August Brandon Hanhams called me and asked me if i could play bass.At the time I'd only been playing for like 5 months or something like that and I sucked really bad (not much as changed). I told him yeah then he asked me if I wanted to start a punk band with him and Stephen Allen who I kinda new from hockey. So they came over this one Friday night ,when I had some Scottish friends and relatives over, for our first practise. Our gear at the time consisted of my tiny little 25 watt Traynor practise amp and Stephen's tiny little practise amp. I was playing a cheap ass Slammer by Hammer bass (knock off of the Fender Jazz) and Stephen was playing this red piece of shit El Degas Guitar. He didn't have a distortion pedel at the time so everytime he went from clean to dist. he had to do it manually on the amp. So the first we started just messing around seeing what we all knew (which was like 4 songs each) and then we started playing "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Brandon didn't know the words so we scrapped that. Then we started learning "Chick Magnet" by Mxpx which we were actually OK at but the song is gay. Then we did some other songs like Fatlip,Punk Rawk Show and The Kids Aren't Alright but it wasn't going well since we had no drummer or microphone. So pretty much we sucked ass. Stephen and I decided that our sucking was the result of Brandon being un-cooperative (it was really just a lack of talent on our part). So we decided,together, that for us to get any better we'd have to find a new singer. But we never told Brandon this and I still have no clue why. So we just never told him when we were practising,which was pretty two-faced. When school started I started talking to this fag named Cameron Hall, who played drums in the school band. We got him out to jam the three songs that we knew and I dont know how or why but he ended up in the band. So while all this was going on Brandon still thought he was in the band...we felt really bad. So after we got a mic I started to sing until we found a new singer. We realized that I sing like a horse and suck really bad. So we were in a phase of having no singer and sucking really badly...

December 2001-February 2002
The first person we tried for a new singer was Alexandre Bergeron. He was pretty good but just not what we were looking for. He is now the lead singer in First Base and we wish him good luck. Then Brandon (after he knew he was kicked out) came to practise with us for the first time since we got a drummer and a mic. He was still not what we were looking for and now he plays rythmn for First Base and we also wish him good luck. So then we decided that we could put up with my terrible singing until later and we started looking for a second guitar player. Here comes the story of a guy everyone's probably heard about...a guy named Kyle Chute. The day kyle came to practise with me and Cameron (Stephen wasn't there so that made things worse) I got in a car accident and my van got wrecked. That is irrelevent to the sotry of Kyle Chute. He was OK at guitar and after playing with Stephen for a bit could probably have been ok. Untill he called Cameron Jewish (which I found rather amusing) and also he said "Hindu" a lot which pissed off Cameron but I still found it rather amusing. So Cameron decided that he would never be a member of 4 Play. The next story is the story of a very short guy with a goofy T-shirt, his name...Mike Crouse. He came up to jam with us one day and when Cameron showed up me and Mike were standing on my front deck. He looked at me then looked at Mike and then asked "where's mike" thinking that the guy standing next to me was one of my brother's friends. So anyway we had a pretty good practise, Mike was an awesome guitar player and became a member or 4 Play. After about 3 more practises of his amazing guitar playing, weird t-shirts and un-funny jokes, Stephen and Cameron decided the hated Mike and we kicked him out. So we kept jamming with no second guitar and my horrible horrible singing. At the February Battle of the Bands, I was talking to Matt Ernst and we organised that he'd come out to Bayview School to practise with us. It never happened till like April or May but anyway he came out and we had to beg Mrs Moore to let us use the gym on the night of the spring concert. So we practised there with Matt and all was pretty good, he was a great singer and he joined the band. So much for my singing. Thats all I have to say about then.

From Our First Practise With Matt Until Now

So after this we recorded a tape which turned out really bad so I gave it to Jennah Barry for her birthday because Im a really cheap fuck. Then we wrote and recorded "Not The Same" which is our one and only original just now but we're working on some more. We played two gigs which both sucked really badly. Our first was at Ashleigh Veinotte's end of school party which like 20 people went to but no one seemed into us at all. Like 10 people watched us play. The flies were really bad that night so no one would come outside. The highlight of the night was when Jasmine's really cool wigger boyfriend showed up who hates punk. We thought it would nice if we welcomed him with a nice we played "Ruff Ryders Anthem" by DMX with very altered lyrics courtesy of Matt.He was not pleased.We were. Our second performance was at Courtney Tremere's b-day party. We set up on their halfpipe and played for like 1 hour then went back for an encore. It sucked too. Allthough we played pretty good we were hurt when people played basketball and the cheers got smaller and smaller. The flies were bad that night too...
So thats about all I have to say about this terrible band, we're getting better now that Cameron's little "I love Blink 182" phase is over. Maybe sometime soon we'll stop sucking and play a real gig. Thank you for reading my intelligent historic story of a bad band
Fuck rap,fuck you all