The Band

4 Play Members

Stephen "Stephanana" Allen
Hey I'm Stephen. I play lead guitar and back up vocals for 4 Play. I have really unusually large ears, arthiritis in my one finger,I wear custom othotics because my feet are messed and I also have a disease in knees called Osgood Schlatter's. The other guys in my band call me "Stephanana" because I once ate a banana in two bites while watchin' porn. Cameron is the best and coolest guy around. Later... "GO SLIPPERS!!!"

Sandy "Masterbasser" Schembri
Hey Im the Scottish masterbasser from 4 Play. I have acne and I love it so if you mak fun of it I wont care unless you happen to be Mason Crowhurst. I like punk my favorite bands are Nofx,Propaghandi,Screeching Weasel and this awesome rockin' punk band called 4 Play (I hear their bassist rocks). Cameron Hall is the coolest cat in this band so that just shows how cool we actually are. His mom rocks...or I rock his mom, either or! Yeah thats all... FUCK RAP AND FUCK YOU ALL!!! Cejay I love you xoxox

Cameron "C-Dawg" Hall
Yo. I'm the drummer 4 4Play. I like skateboarding, and other stuff that I'm too lazy to list. You'd think I like the members of my band, but Stephen is the only one I actually like. My favorite bands are NOFX, Propaghandi, NOFX, Screeching Weasel, NOFX, Sloppy Meaters, NOFX, and old-skool Blink 182 (before they were sellouts, and were actually punk). I suck at drums because I'm lazy (actually, I'm too good for myself) and our band name fucking sucks. 4Play. It sounds like a fuckin' pop group. I rock. Later
If you want to add me to ICQ, my number is 137777054, and if you want me on MSN the e-mails are on the home page.

Matt "Douchbag" Ernst.
Hey my name is Matt Ernst and I am 4 Play's lead singer and rythmn guitar player. I am an old school punker with a leather jacket and a pair of big floppy red Chuck Taylor shoes. My favorite things are chocolate monsters on the run and corporate slaves to love. I also like unicorns and long walks on the beach with my grandmother.My fave punk band (besides 4 Play) is Screeching Weasel. That's all I have to say, Later.