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About 4Play:We are a fourpiece punk rock band from Mahone Bay/Lunenburg, NS consisting of Stephen Allen (lead guitar),Sandy Schembri (bass guitar, background vocals), Cameron Hall (drums and being cool), and Matt Ernst (Vocals and rhythm guitar). We formed in August 2001 when it was only Sandy, Stephen and former Vocalist Brandon Hanhams. We used to only play covers, but right now we all mainly focusing on making songs. As of now, we have only one original (called "Not the Same"), and a punk cover to "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, but there will be more coming up soon. We've only played for an audience twice at two parties,which both sucked ass because no one likes punk.If anyone can find us a gig contact us. This is about our third website that we've made but this one is the best so forget the other ones. We dont have much on here just now but we're soon going to put up more pics and some lyrics too. We also are looking to find a new name for oursleves, because "4Play" is about the gayest name ever, so if you have any suggestions we are running a contest in the guestbook.

Name Change Contest!
OK, so we ran this name change contest in the guestbook for like a month or something and no one came up with any good ones. So until one of us un-creative dicks comes up with one its gonna remain 4 Play.

We were supposed to be playing a few songs at the music festival "Jamstock" in August but now we're not because there were too many bands. So make sure you se us there next year.

If you're cool email us:
Matthew: matthew/punk,